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The three organizations behind this initiative aim to identify important community-based resources and tools for systematic internationalization, in order to help Portuguese higher education institutions (HEIs) build their capacity for hosting more US-based students and faculty over the coming years.

Together, this community forms the working group USA-Portugal Campus.




The Agência Nacional Erasmus+ Educação e Formação (Portuguese National Erasmus + Education and Training Agency) is responsible for administering the Erasmus + program in the sectors of school education, vocational education and training, higher education and adult education in Portugal. Simultaneously, it assumes  the responsibility of coordinating actions for the internationalization of Portuguese education and training, organizing training sessions for Portuguese institutions on educational systems outside Europe and vice versa. It also organizes inter-institutional meetings that ensure the promotion of Portuguese education and training through participation in events under the brand Study & Research In Portugal.



The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) works everyday to promote the development of Portugal in cooperation with the United States of America. In assuming this mission, FLAD serves as a bridge between the two countries and acts as a resource of excellence among those who seek and offer opportunities in the USA in different areas.

Focusing on four major areas – Science and Technology, Education, Art and Culture, and Transatlantic Relations – FLAD seeks to assist Portuguese scientific, academic and artistic potential, thereby strengthening Portuguese-American communities and bringing people and institutions closer together from the two sides of the Atlantic. In all of our grants, programs, and open calls, the region of the Azores has a special role, due to the specific nature of our institution’s founding.



Fulbright creates connections in a complex and changing world, offering programs for passionate and accomplished students, scholars, artists, teachers and professionals of all backgrounds. These Fulbrighters enrich their education, advance their careers and make meaningful contributions abroad and at home.

Since its creation in 1960, the Fulbright Commission in Portugal has developed an important role in the promotion of bilateral engagement and mutual understanding between the USA and Portugal. Its mission, in the areas of culture, education and science, is to offer opportunities for the exchange of scholars, researchers and students, provide information and guidance about access to both countries’ systems of education and organize knowledge sharing initiatives.