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Building intentional partnerships and cultivating social impact

FLAD Forum on Portugal and USA Higher Education

Oct. 24 and 25, 2022 @ FLAD’s auditorium located at Rua Sacramento a Lapa, 21 Lisboa.

Forum’s working language: English

This in-person international forum will focus on the development of deeper institutional relations between Portuguese and U.S. higher education institutions (HEIs)– with speakers covering topics and themes not already addressed by the webinar series.

For more information please contact: fladport@flad.pt

About the Forum

The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) Forum’s primary objective is aligned with the mission of the larger project of which it is part– USA-Portugal Campus. Together and with the assistance of a diverse array of institutional partners in both countries, our project has created a strategy for bringing the USA and Portugal closer together in terms of academic mobility, giving greater visibility to Portugal in the USA as a destination for US-based students.

Simultaneously, the goal is to reinforce and expand on the community know-how of administrative staff working on internationalization at all levels of Portugal’s higher education institutions (HEIs) in what concerns their ability to access the US study abroad market—which we hope will lead to more intentional mobility opportunities between Portugal and the USA for students, staff, and/or faculty.

“FLAD, has been increasingly invested in the internationalization of Portuguese higher education through several important initiatives aimed at universities, researchers, and students. The 1st FLAD Forum on US and Portuguese Higher Education is another step in this direction.”

On October 24th and 25th, we will bring together specialists in the internationalization of Higher Education in the United States , Portugal and other European countries, with the aim of sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices, with representatives of Higher Education in Portugal, colleagues in the US are most welcome to join”.

FLAD Forum panels will include:

  • Building a Strategic Plan for Outreach to US HEIs: Successful Models of Student Recruitment and Faculty Exchange
  • Understanding your Audience: US Study Abroad vs. Erasmus exchange – Comparative Perspectives
  • Building Intentional Communities – A Roundtable Discussion on National & Regional Cases of Community Building
  • How to BRING UN SDG’s more Intentionally to Study Abroad Program Planning and Assessment

See full FORUM’s agenda


Please register through the event’s registration form (in-person AND remote access options are available)